Simple tools to keep you on track for any project

It can be easy to lose track of the bigger picture, stop making progress and lose motivation.
Backcaster wants to help! Start from your goal and work backwards. Keep your goal at the front of your mind and nudges for when you get stuck!

(No signups, no payment, get started with 1-click)

It was very hard to define my startup in just a sentence. This forced me to really articulate what we are doing. It kept me on track when important decisions arose.

- Jonathan Sinclair


Your goals are difficult enough already

Built from the ground up to be simple, clean and quiet. Bring your goals to the front, don't fight noisy tools.


We all get a little stuck

You cannot be an expert in everything! Milestone templates provide a step by step journey from market research to product launch. If you don't know what to do today, Backcaster can help.


A problem shared is a problem halved

Share your board easily, just send your URL to anyone and get started. Want to show off your project? Don't make endless slide-decks, show a working document of your progress.

1) Define your ultimate goal

(with templates to help get you started)

2) Break down into milestones

(with templates for common tasks & Gantt chart)

3) Todos for each milestone

(with visual history of each change; highlights when tasks are at risk of not being done)

4) Set habits for repetitive tasks

The board used for 🔎

  • Eliminate noise, a simple interface surfacing only what is important.
  • Todo lists that works. Don't let an endless todo list sap your motivation. (have one for each milestone)
  • Build habits; set reminders for tasks that have no end goal, but need to be done daily | weekly | monthly.
  • Collaborate. Share your URL and you can have your whole team working together in minutes.